Val Gardena in autumn: nature is a treasure!

Sometimes we can't believe ourselves how beautiful we have it. Especially in autumn, it seems to us as if creation had slipped out of the box of natural beauty here with us above Val Gardena and landed just in one spot. Now, in September, we become aware of this special poetry of the Dolomites, this aura of the special. A few days ago, a dear regular guest drew an enchanting and very apt comparison. He said: "Val Gardena in autumn is like a box full of jewels. The air is as clear and pure as a mountain crystal and the light falls on the landscape like liquid gold and amber. And when a fine wine like rubies or aquamarines shimmer in the glass, the day is perfect!". With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to the autumnal gems and treasures of the Dolomite autumn. Whether sporty or pleasurable, we bet you'll find the right "jewellery" for you too?


A sky as clear as rock crystal

Breathe in deep! And out again. Can you feel it? Wonderfully cool and as clear as the purest rock crystal, the morning air flows through your lungs. A real relief after the feverish heat of summer at low altitudes. Now in autumn is the best time to conquer the Dolomites: by pedes and per pedales. Countless mountain tours and hikes start directly from the Hotel Sella, and the mountain railway just across the road will take you up the high alpine slopes in no time at all. Once you have reached the top, you will be amazed by the crystal-clear autumn sky, which makes everything appear sharp and close enough to touch. Are you in the mood for even more fresh air? Then race the wind and try your hand at downhill biking in the bike park right behind the house!


The light of autumn: days as full of gold and amber

#nofilter! Bet your friends and followers won't believe it! In September and October, the Dolomite nature looks as if the saturation has been turned up and a sepia filter has been put over the landscape. The low position of the sun bathes our world in a light like liquid gold or amber. Perfect for going on a photo safari! But sometimes it is also good to just enjoy the silence of nature and to look at the moment "in real" and not through a camera lens. Strolls through the alleys of Selva, S. Cristina and Ortisei are also enchanting. Anyone who appreciates handicrafts and likes something special will definitely find what they are looking for here!


Happiness in a glass: ruby and aquamarine to enjoy

If you have been hiking, biking or shopping, you should not be denied a glass in honour. Autumn has always been the season of pleasure in South Tyrol. Whether delicacies from the traditional Törggelen cuisine or sunny treats from the south: a good glass of South Tyrolean wine should never be missing. Lagrein and Vernatsch shimmer deep red like a ruby in the glass, while Weißburgunder and Ruländer are reminiscent of aquamarines and peridots. In this sense: Here's to life, to South Tyrolean autumn, to you!

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