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Why Wolkenstein should actually be called Sonnenstein

So why is Selva now called Wolkenstein in German? 

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We have fever. World Cup fever!

If we could, we would ski all year round. But because it's easier to ski on powder snow than on grass, winter is definitely one of our favourite seasons here at Hotel Sella. 

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A mountain range like no other

You can hike anywhere there are mountains. But this special feeling of elation, this euphoria that sets in as soon as you lace up your hiking boots, is something you probably only feel in the Dolomites. Why is that so?

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That's why Val Gardena is a biking paradise for the whole family

Speeding around the bends, over hill and dale and competing with the summer wind...

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Motivating children to go hiking

The fresh air, the wonderful view, physical exercise... While for many adults there is hardly anything more beautiful than hiking, many children make a long face just at the sight of the mountain boots. That's obvious, isn't it? 

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Why winter is so good for you

We don’t need to explain anything to die-hard ski fans and winter sports enthusiasts – when it’s winter, nothing keeps sports enthusiasts indoors.

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