A mountain range like no other

You can hike anywhere there are mountains. But this special feeling of elation, this euphoria that sets in as soon as you lace up your hiking boots, is something you probably only feel in the Dolomites. Why is that so? We went in search of clues and asked our team, local mountain experts and guests. You can read about the results here: 

Dolce Vita and alpine lifestyle

You can only find this in the South Tyrolean Dolomites: Italian flair and alpine charm blend into an incomparable atmosphere. When rural traditions meet the lightness of the south and you enjoy not only the very best bacon dumplings in the world but also an excellent espresso at the hut, you know what we mean. 

Nature as artist

They are the landmarks of the country, the epitome of natural beauty, monuments of rock: for generations, the views of the Langkofel, Plattkofel, Petz and Santnerspitze have been inspiring. The history of the Dolomites goes back a long way: 250 million years ago, the Dolomites were a tropical sea. In the course of time, the coral reefs formed what is now the rock dolomite - named after the geologist Déodat de Dolomieu. 

Changeable hiker's paradise

Challenging climbing tour or leisurely hike with the children? In the Dolomites around the Hotel Sella you don't have to decide. Because no matter whether you are looking for an alpine adventure or simply want to go on a short discovery hike - a whole 450 kilometres of hiking trails await you around the Alpe di Siusi. From easy for children to really strenuous. And the best thing about it: many tours start right outside our hotel door. 

Where legends are born

The list is long and impressive: from Paul Grohmann to Tita Piaz, Emilio Comici to the Messner brothers, many mountaineers have climbed their way to legendary status in the Dolomites. Even if the times of great alpine pioneering achievements are over, the current generation of local mountaineers and climbers succeed again and again in creating new, spectacular routes. These then bear such imaginative names as "Fingertip Explosion", "Sinnfresser", or "Sleeping Indian". 

The Enrosadira

Every day, when the sun rises and sets, a special spectacle takes place: the pale mountains, as the Dolomites are also called, turn deep red. Especially in summer, when the sunsets last longer, you can't help but be amazed by this blaze of colour. So it is hardly surprising that numerous legends and myths have grown up around the "Enrosadira", as this phenomenon is also called. 

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