Why Wolkenstein should actually be called Sonnenstein

It's a funny thing about the mountains and good weather. Just a moment ago the sky was a brilliant blue, suddenly thick clouds gather and it starts to rain. "Flatlanders" are often surprised how quickly the weather in alpine regions changes from one extreme to the other. We here in Selva are quite lucky. For whatever reason, the Val Gardena region is considered one of the sunniest mountain regions in South Tyrol; we get a whole 2,691.95 hours of sunshine per year. This special microclimate also ensures that it doesn't get too hot during the day despite the sunshine - perfect for all those who prefer to do sports on holiday. The nights are pleasantly cool even in the height of summer, which literally lets heat-loving city dwellers breathe a sigh of relief.

Welcome to the sunny side of life!

So why is Selva now called Wolkenstein in German (Literally translated: Wolke is cloud, and Stein is stone)? It has very little to do with the weather. The name "Wolchenstain" first appears in writing in 1237. It goes back to the castle of the noble Wolkenstein-Trostburg family, the spectacular castle ruins in the rock face of the Stevia are a great photo motif, by the way. The Ladin name "Selva" for forest fits better. Because we certainly don't lack a forest. It provides fresh air and acts like a natural air conditioner, especially on hot summer days. But before we start dreaming of summer, we'll let spring really come to Hotel Sella. We prefer to spend it on the ski slopes, skiing in the sun or on our first mountain tour. Even if you think you have an insensitive complexion, there's one thing you shouldn't do without: A sunscreen.



Caution, high-altitude sun!

Sun protection factor 20? Please leave it far to the left here in the Dolomites. Especially in spring, when the sun is steadily gaining strength and the last snow reflects the sun's rays, it simply has to be a few numbers higher. There is no shame in unpacking the sunblock with factor 50. On the contrary! If you put on a lot of sunblock, you're saying: "I know what's going on! It's not for nothing that we have the saying "March sun tans best" here in the mountains. If you know how, it's true: only those who apply high-quality sun cream often enough and pamper their skin with a rich moisturiser in the evening can look forward to an elegant bronze complexion at the end of their holiday. Those who underestimate the springtime high-altitude sun usually go home with skin tones like "piggy pink" or "lobster red". This is not only unattractive, but also extremely unhealthy. A word about health: Especially after a long winter, our vitamin D stores are empty. That's why a few days in the spring sunshine do so much good. Body, mind and soul literally blossom.

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