Why winter is so good for you

We don’t need to explain anything to die-hard ski fans and winter sports enthusiasts – when it’s winter, nothing keeps sports enthusiasts indoors. Because once the snow starts falling in January by the latest, it’s time to get up the mountain and only come down again once it’s dark. While the warmer months of the year are truly fantastic here in Val Gardena, winter is definitely one of the most magical times in the Dolomites. Now you can relax, recharge your batteries, burn off some energy and do something good for your well-being. How? Find out in our top 5 for a magical winter with us in Selva di Val Gardena.



1. Snow white as a detox for the soul

Boring? You must be joking! The white-in-white of winter creates an eerie stillness. Wandering through the snow-covered landscape of the Val Gardena Valley, you quickly experience peace and relaxation appearing as though by magic. Why? The ever-present white is like a time-out for the brain, a kind of visual detox for our nervous system. So, grab your snowshoes and go for a walk! You’ll soon realise how good this feels.


2. Whole-body training the Nordic way

Narrow skis, endless trails – Nordic skiing is enjoying quite a comeback. And rightly so. Because hardly any other kind of (winter) sport is as good for the cardiovascular system as cross-country skiing, almost every muscle group in the body is involved in moving forward. A perfect workout whatever your fitness level!


3. Become a child again

Everyday life is often serious enough. And why winter is perfect for letting your inner child out again. How, you might you ask? It’s easy! Organise a snowball fight or build a snowman. You certainly won’t run out of building materials with us here.


4. Sunshine galore

While down in the valley everything sinks into a grey fog, here in Val Gardena, you enjoy the sunny side of winter. Whether you’re skiing on the Sellaronda, relaxing on the terrace of a mountain hut or taking a winter walk, you’re replenishing your vitamin D reserves and keeping your spirits high. But be careful! The winter sun is more powerful in the mountains than you think. So don’t forget your sunscreen.


5. Skiing, skiing and more skiing

We have to admit we’re addicted to skiing. As are so many of our guests. But this addiction is not a vice, quite the opposite actually. Exercise in the fresh air is a true fountain of youth and a guarantee of happiness. Hence, it’s a good thing our Hotel Sella is right opposite the mountain railway. Getting to the slopes doesn’t get more convenient than that!

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