The Hotel Sella packing list for your hiking rucksack

One thing is certain: there are things that are an absolute must in the mountains. In our practical Hotel Sella packing list for day tours, we have listed the things you should definitely take with you on a hiking tour.  Because it doesn't matter whether you're going hiking for the first time or are a total mountain pro: you should never forget these things. If you take our checklist to heart, nothing will stand in the way of a wonderful day of hiking in the Val Gardena Dolomites. Ready? Then off you go!


  • Blister plasters: New hiking boots, slippery socks or sensitive skin? A blister can spoil the most beautiful hike. Apply a blister plaster and get going!
  • First aid kit: You can add sterile swabs, adhesive strips and the like to your blister plasters. If the worst comes to the worst, an emergency kit is worth its weight in gold. There are super-small, super-light kits for your rucksack in specialist shops!
  • Money and ID: Even if the mountain huts in Val Gardena are ultra-modern: Sometimes cash is king and it's never a bad idea to be able to prove your identity anyway.
  • Headgear: If you've got brains, you can protect them! A (visor) cap protects against sun, rain and wind.
  • Charging cable or power bank: Just imagine: Emergency and smartphone battery empty. Silly, isn't it?
  • Mobile phone: For emergencies. And for souvenir photos of your summit victory.
  • Multifunctional tool: The good old Swiss Army knife never goes out of fashion and is extremely useful, even in the smallest version.
  • Waste bag: If you love nature, you leave no trace! Our tip: Dog waste bags are a space-saving and lightweight option for your waste.
  • Snacks: A handful of nuts, an apple, some cheese and a piece of bacon: your mountaineering snack is ready. For longer tours, it can be a little more.
  • Rain jacket: The weather changes quickly in the mountains. A light rain jacket weighs hardly anything and may save you from catching a cold.
  • Sun cream: Indisputable at any time of year, because the high-altitude sun is stronger and more powerful than you think. Go for protection factor 50!
  • Sunglasses: Your eyes also need to be protected from intense UV radiation. Make sure you wear a quality product.
  • Change of clothes: an extra pair of socks plus a fresh shirt never hurts.

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